Never-Never-By-James-PattersonThe legendary Mr. Patterson is back with a mighty new thriller, ladies, and gentlemen, and that means more sleepless nights for us! Blue is the best sex-crime detective in her unit. She's been through it all and nothing can startle her anymore. However, even she could never foresee something like this: her bro, her own blood, was arrested by the Po-Po - he's connected with the murder of 3 gorgeous young girls.

The chief sends her to a townlet in a deserted landscape, a place where money is flowing around, and there are tons of non-legit ways to spend that dough. A bunch of rascals is thriving, while the rest of the folks are barely getting by. Evil has a permanent place in this world, and Blue is the only one who can restore justice and bring the criminals down.

At first, she thought that she'd be dealing with a rather regular missing persons file, but, when they assign her an official new partner, it all goes sideways. The thing is - he's more of a watchdog, a hound, than a partner. The accusations against her brother are preposterous, yet, Harry can't trust her own instincts - her gut - and that's a first for her. This case most certainly has her doubting everything she ever thought she knew.

The woman’s desperate in her attempts to clear her bro's name and that makes her reckless. All alone in a dangerous place, far from the society that she knows, the investigator has no other choice but to dig deeper and deeper into the "dirty laundry" of the criminals. Blue needs to act fast; otherwise, she might not even make it out of this hell-hole alive. Never Never is a gripping, riveting, edge-of-your-seat kind of a novel with a thrilling plot, a couple of mighty twists and turns and a great main character to cheer for.

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