Never-Too-Late-By-Jo-BarneyA lifetime ago, a forced wedding put an end to Edith's peaceful, joyful life, and made her live with a man she was never in love with. She's a 65-year-old woman now and feels like she missed on everything important that could happen in her life. Her husband is an abusive, angry man, her grandkids rarely (if ever) visit and her daughter-in-law is meaning well but she's trying to take away the last bits of freedom from Edith.

However, one Christmas day she wakes up in the morning and finds her husband lying on the bed breathless. That means that the role of a downtrodden, oppressed woman is finally behind her, and a brave new world is waiting for her to embark on a new journey towards true happiness. Yes, she's got gray hair, not nearly enough money in her pockets for a great adventure and nobody to support her, but that's ok.

Edith wants to live - she's not done with planet Earth yet! The Universe has given her a brilliant opportunity to find the woman that she has always dreamed of becoming. Edith found some papers in her late man's pockets, and they allowed her to discover the real man behind the "mask". Brian, her son, is the woman's pride and joy, but he soon turns out to be not that perfect - she learns that he might be cheating on his wife.

The investigation into her own family devastates the old woman, but it also gives her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find her true self. Never Too Late is a magnificently-written contemporary drama with a gripping plot, a lovely main character, and a great mystery. If you love books about self-discovery, going for the unknown and being brave, make sure to check Never Too Late out!

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