Katie is pretty much a perfect girl: she's unbelievably sexy, smart and sassy, which is like the most attractive combination for any fella out there. She's walking around in those heels like she owns the whole world. Grant is a big, tall, ripped and wealthy fella with one "little" problem: he's a sex addict, and he wants to "fix" his addiction.

Katie is a therapist, and that is exactly why the guy is attending all of her sessions. Well, that, and he wants to fool around with her - just for a little while - and every time she walks up to him he starts to undress her with his eyes and imagine Katie fully naked. Now, the big turn-off is that she's almost half his age and his lovely daughter's BFF, which is wrong on so many levels. But, on the other hand, she is sexy as hell, and Grant simply can't control himself anymore.

And he knows she likes him as well - all those looks, those little teases...This is wrong, no doubt about it, but that only makes the gentleman want her even more. There are certain rules about messing around with a man who's twice your age and happens to be your best friend's dad, but Grant is about to help Katie break those rules and set herself free.

After all, only the good girls follow the book, and he knows that she's a very bad girl, even though she won't admit it to his face. Next Door Daddy is one of those feel-good erotic novels that come with an entertaining plot, a great sense of humor, strong dialogues, and, of course, two sexy people that want to forget about all the restrictions and just give in to the passion. Oh, and it does have a happy ending! Amy Brent wrote a must-have for all the fans of exciting romantic novels with steaming-hot scenes.

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