Nice-Girls-Don't-Ride-By-Roni-LorenRoni Loren, the author of groundbreaking and best-selling novels, is back with Nice Girls Don't Ride, an adrenaline-packed, erotic story about 2 complete strangers who surrender to their passion and roll into the night, chasing after the craziest moments in their lives. Natalie, the main character of the book, has just the ideal party planned for her upcoming 21st birthday.

However, when her stupid car stops in the middle of nowhere, and her boyfriend breaks up with her, she's left alone in a body shop and has to deal with an over-confident, gorgeous mechanic. He's acting like he's known her for a very long time and pushes every tiny button she has. The guy's name is Monroe, and he's confident that nothing good will come out of messing around with a young college lady. Especially when he knows that there can be nothing serious between them.

Still, he can't seem to forget the super-hot girl with a gorgeous body and mighty brains. And that's why when he meets Natalie, he decides to lend her a helping hand and to keep her company for the day. He even offers to take her home. But, she'll have to be with him until the sun comes up. So, they've got one bike, 10 hours and the whole city at their disposal.

Monroe and Natalie ride into the sunset, hoping to find the answers to their questions and have an unforgettable journey. They have no idea what this little trip will mean for the both of them, but they'll find out pretty soon...Nice Girls Don't Ride is a romantic, sexy, playful novel that's both riveting and thrilling. Roni Loren knows how to get the reader's heart pumping and blood rushing, and her latest book is super-charged and exciting.

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