26114238Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor, is the main character of a series of books by Iris Johansen, a super-popular author of suspense thrillers. In Night and Day, she puts everything that she loves at risk just to protect Cara from people who want to eliminate her. They move from California to a remote settlement in Scotland, and that automatically makes Eve another target for Cara's enemies. The girls try to lay low and hide, but, despite their best efforts, Cara is taken, and the only thing that's left for Duncan to do is to go after the dangerous people that want her dead just to try and save the innocent young girl. Her own life is at stake, so, she has to think it all through and leave no place for doubt or error.

She puts it all on the line and dedicates herself to rescuing the hostage and surviving the hunt. Night and Day is a fascinating, intriguing adventure that's full of thrill, danger and those "Wow!" moments. As far as high-energy novels go, this book is right there among the very best.

If you're looking for a book that will have you "chained" from the first page to the very end, then Iris Johansen's new masterpiece is exactly what you're looking for! It's the latest offering from the world-esteemed writer, so, make sure to read it first! Even if you never read a single book from the Eve Duncan series, you'll make sense of it all after you read through the first chapter. Overall, there are 21 books in the series, and that fact alone shows that the author knows a thing or two about writing addictive and entertaining thrillers. And it's never too late to become a fan!

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