Night-At-The-Fiestas-By-Kirstin-Valdez-QuadeKirstin Valdez Quade's brand-new award-winning book, Night at the Fiestas, is a brilliant collection of stories about people who are not afraid to dream, hope and overcome difficulties on their way to happiness. It's an invitation into a world of strong-willed but troubled folks who are ready to do everything in their power just to run away from the past.

The book is intense, powerful, emotional, and talks about the struggles that every single person in the world has to go through. The characters and the stories in Night at the Fiestas are quite expressive and vivid. They include a slacker-of-a-father who decides to change his life completely after his teenage kid gets pregnant, a young fella who finds out that his father that he's not really talking to is living in his grandma's house with a partner, a girl who's trying to solve the mystery of her cousin's brutal past, and more.

Now, despite the fact that the characters in the book are dealing with some real-world problems and it might seem like there's nothing they can do to transform their lives for the better, Kirstin is always "there" to show them the right way. These stories and these people represent the obligations and responsibilities that come with growing up and having a family.

Furthermore, there's a big emphasis on racial and class discrimination, and the characters in Night at the Fiestas lie, betray, hurt, but, ultimately, find peace in their lives and save each other. Quade wrote a remarkable book - it's fresh, funny and uplifting, and the author does a fantastic job of talking about complicated things in a simple, open manner. A brilliant debut!

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