Night by Elie Wiesel

Night-by-Elie-WieselThe Night is a true masterpiece of historical literature. In some way, you may consider this book as a fiction, but in most parts it is amazing and a scary autobiographical story of Elie Wiesel told by himself.

It is a grim story about author's survival in the Nazi death camp. Many adults died in that camps because of hard live, starvation among the prisoners and merciless tortures. And Elie Wiesel was the only teenager…

This book tells us not only about everyday terrors inside the Nazi death camps. Yes, there are a lot of desperate scenes, perversions, and the killings at Buchenwald and Auschwitz. But under the cover of that book, you can find something else, something much bigger. You can find many philosophical questions about life and death, etc.
The author tries to explain what the Holocaust really was. What the Holocaust was not for him personally, but for the whole humanity.

The writing style of Elie Wiesel is similar to other great writers from Israel. So the whole describing events are very close to the historic truth. But the Night is not an autobiographical or completely historic. It is more like books about memories, and memories can change slightly in time. But only slightly…

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