night-school-by-lee-childJack Reacher is one of the greatest bestsellers of our time. In total, there are 11 international #1s in the series, and Lee Child, the amazing author, always manages to bring something new, exciting and thrilling to every single book. Jack is a true American hero, a patriot who puts his own agendas and his own life aside when it comes to defending his country and fighting the bad guys.

Night School is the latest addition to the franchise, and the critics are calling it the most addictive one to date. It's 1996, the end of the 20th century, and Jack is still serving in the military. He gets a medal in the morning and goes back to school later. He's not alone in the classroom - there's an analyst from the CIA and an agent of the Bureau. They're not really sure what they're supposed to do there, but soon they discover that a Saudi courier has paid a visit to a Jihadist sleeper cell somewhere in Germany.

He's looking for a safe place to wait for an important meeting with unknown associates. There's a CIA operative inside the cell, and he heard the Saudi say something like "The man from the States wants 100 million dollars". That's a huge amount of money, so, who's ready to hand it over to the mysterious American? And, most importantly, for what?

Reacher and his 2 new "colleagues" have a mission to complete: find this American. Jack recruits Neagley to assist him with the task. They're constantly racing against time, trying to figure out who's the 100 million dollar man and prevent a horrible terror attack from happening. Night School is as thrilling and exciting as they come. This is a marvelous action/thriller novel that will keep you up all night.

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