Mr. Clive Cussler has established himself as one of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed writers of our time, and when it comes to action/adventures slash mystery thrillers, this man knows exactly how to get us hyped up and glue us to our cozy (or not so much) couches and chairs. Zavala and Austin, the men behind the NUMA enterprise, are, once again, racing against the clock to save the world from a new catastrophe, a new apocalypse.

This time around, they're dealing with a super-advanced aircraft of US design that suddenly goes missing over the Pacific Ocean, and that forces the operatives to act smoothly-yet-hastily to locate it faster than any other world superpower.

Both the Russians and the Chinese are trying to get their hands on this tech, but America simply can't let them have it. The craft is carrying a cargo with a precious matter, extracted from the higher levels of Earth's atmosphere and stored at absolute zero. Now, as long as the matter is frozen, the planet's safe. However, if, for some reason, there's a leak and the cargo starts to thaw, the world will face a new cataclysm of epic proportions.

So, that's why the entire NUMA group is working 24/7 to recover the aircraft. They're ready to put their lives at risk just to make sure the cargo is safe and neutralized. Russia and China don't know of the hidden dangers of the American tech and are rushing towards death with absolutely no knowledge of that. Will the valiant US operatives outsmart them all and save the world? Nighthawk is a fast-paced, adrenaline-charged thriller with a strong plot and non-stop action.

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