nirzona-by-abidah-el-khalieqyBack in 2004, a terrifying tsunami devastated Indonesia and took Sidan's family by surprise. His whole village was under water, so, he left everything behind, including his girlfriend, his studies, and his dreams and rushed back to take care of his loved ones. He was about to marry the girl of his dreams, but now they have to put it on hold. He promised that he'll be back soon and they'll live happily ever after.

However, the horrifying scale of loss and all the complexities that came with it made it pretty much impossible for the young man to leave his hometown and the graves of his relatives. So, he's stuck between his duty and his love. His connection with Firdaus is stronger than ever, and all he wants to do is to go back to her and stay with her forever.

At the same time, he knows that he has to stay and do whatever he can to help the few survivors and lend that much-needed hand. As time passes, Sidan starts to worry that, despite his feelings for the girl, they are becoming more and more distant, and this tsunami might just bring an end to what could've been a wonderful love story. Will the two be able to stay strong both morally and physically and keep the love for each other, or is it already too late?

Nirzona is a breath-taking, heart-wrenching and gripping romantic novel about regular folks who happen to be in a not-so-regular situation. Abidah El Khalieqy wrote an amazing book, a fascinating story that will resonate with countless folks around the globe, simply because love, devotion, duty, and faith are universal and they bring us together in the darkest of times.

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