no-groom-at-the-inn-by-megan-framptonThe ladies really love historical romance, and Megan Frampton's latest masterpiece will be a perfect gift if you're a fan of the genre. No Groom at the Inn is a passionate, thrilling, delicious novel that comes with colorful characters, a mighty sense of humor and a great story to enjoy in your spare time.

This is the tale of a woman who has the craziest idea: to say "Yes" to a man's proposal to marrying him. What's so weird about it? Well, she's never met the gentleman before! How is a lady supposed to act in a situation like that? Sophronia, the main character of this wonderful book, doesn't turn around and run away like most women would. No, she just thinks about for a moment and then agrees to be his wife.

And, given the fact that her other choice is to take care of 6 kids, live with her cousin and "handle" a house full of chickens, her acceptance of a good-looking fella's offer seems pretty logical and...liberating. James, the man with the marriage proposal, has been in pretty much every corner of planet Earth, and he gave himself a promise - to never settle down in one place. He's been to hell and back, fought disasters and horrors, and he doesn't have fear in his heart. The only person in the world that he's "scared" of is his own mother.

She's a big fan of matchmaking, so, he comes up with the idea of bringing a wife to a house party. He asks Sophronia to pretend to love him for just a month. And then, when they kiss each other on Christmas, the "deal" they made turns into something bigger and stronger - it grows into love. No Groom at the Inn is a brilliant historical romance with a happy ending that will put you in a good mood the moment you start reading it.

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