No-Limits-By-Lauren-LandishLauren Landish has pretty much monopolized the erotic romance genre in the 21st century, and you could say that pretty much every single book from this gifted writer becomes either a best-seller or a fan favorite (or both). No Limits is a dark, romantic story, perfect for a nice get-away after a tough week or month. Rafe is a ruthless egoistic man who never really needed to love or be loved.

He's convinced that it's a stupid, weak emotion that's not fit for a real man. He's a grown-ass fella, but he couldn't find the one and only girl to let into his soul. A wild night with a curvy babe? Yes, sir! A deep, intimate relationship with just the right woman? Never! But, when Shawnie walks into his life, everything changes. It took him one look into her eyes to realize that she's an angel. She's scared, beat up emotionally and running away from a difficult past.

However, she's still a goddess, and her wings are stronger than ever. She might think that you can't fix what she's been broken, but Rafe knows that he can make her believe in happiness again. And he wants her like no other girl before. Her big, honest eyes call to him, and her sexy-as-hell lips are driving him crazy. It's like Shawnie is begging him to sweep her off her feet and take her away.

But there's one big problem: Rafe has his own set of secrets and demons, and his troubled past could hurt her - he can't let that happen. There's a darkness inside of him, and it threatens to "eat her alive". At the same time, she's the first woman in his life that makes the guy feel like a human being and not a monster. So, what’s it gonna be? Will the two be able to fight their inner demons and find true love, or is it not a real possibility?

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