Lee Child made a great contribution to the action/adventure slash political thriller genre with his now-legendary Jack Reacher series. No Middle Name is the latest addition to the franchise: a brand-new novel that comes with 11 already-released stories. Reacher finds himself in Maine, yet another beautiful city that he can't fully enjoy because of his profession.

What started as a regular bag-snatching soon turns into something much bigger and more dangerous, putting the agent right in the middle of a new international conspiracy. The rest of the stories take the readers back and forth in time: from '89, when Jack was an MP working on a gruesome crime, to '77, when the man was just a teenage boy living a busy life in NY.

At the end of the day, this collection is a must-have for all the fans of this character and fast-paced, adrenaline-charged mystery/political thrillers. True, we've got a lot of books in the genre these days, but only a select few authors are gifted enough to create truly gripping and riveting novels. With the Reacher series, you'll dive into a world full of drama, suspense, and - naturally - A-grade action.

Lee Child has been delivering exceptional bestsellers for a while now, improving his writing skills and turning into one of the most prominent authors of our time. Reacher is a true American citizen, a patriot, and quite a capable operative. He doesn't have a middle name, a set destination or a bag full of things. He always travels light and is ready to neutralize any threat he comes across. Trouble always finds him, but it's not that he's shying away from it. Keeping folks safe is his job - nothing more, nothing less.

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