This is a high-stakes, heart-pounding and breath-taking mystery thriller that will glue you to your seat and never let go. Sean knew exactly why Elena agreed to work with him: she was desperately trying to save her boy from his crazed out dad who wished to turn him into a monster. At the same time, Sean was hoping to make her see that he's not her enemy and that he's always there to lend a helping hand.

But, they both known better than anyone that you can't hide from a powerful and influential man like Chavez, which is why they can't even trust each other. He's fighting dirty, and he's using every single opportunity to track them down and to kill Elena. Top-notch assassins, buddies in politics - it's just a bit too much for a lonely mother to handle. Chavez is not going to stop until he gets what he wants.

The man is willing to do all kinds of unspeakable things just to show her that he's committed to his cause. There's a pile of dead people following Elena and her partner. They are on the run, trying to find a safe stop to hide and to figure out their next move. But what can you do against an all-powerful man who's got the cops in his pocket and the most brutal killers at his disposal?

Yes, he does want to see Elena dead, but not before he destroys her morally and makes her watch everything she holds dear to heart being taken away from her. What if he manages to turn her against everything she knows and loves? The charismatic villain is the biggest threat to Elena's life: he always gets what he craves, and right now he wants her six feet under the ground. Will she find a way to defeat him? No One to Trust is a true masterpiece, an exceptional romantic thriller that deserves a very special place on your bookshelf.

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