Nocturne-For-A-Widow-By-Amanda-DeWeesAre you a big fan of gothic romance and historical thrillers? If you are, make sure to check out Nocturne for a Widow, a sizzling, a riveting and captivating novel by the lovely Amanda DeWees. It's 1873, and Sybil, a buoyant, cheerful actress, is looking to settle down with the right man, so, she lets go of the busy life at the theater and gets ready to marry a rich American fella.

However, the man passes away on their very wedding night, and she becomes an impoverished, penniless widow. The only property that she has right now is a scary manor somewhere in the middle of the woodlands. Now, the creepy mansion is not empty. No, it comes with two dwellers - the first one is an angry, hostile host. The 2nd one is Roderick, a handsome ex-violinist. He's dangerous, insanely good-looking and impudent.

That's pretty much the exact opposite of what the girl needs. So, Sybil and the musician engage in a clash of wills and smarts, trying to outwit each other. But soon, a great threat arises, and it forces the "rivals" to join forces. Mrs. Dove, the elusive queen of the local folks, wants nothing more but to claim Sybil's estate and Brooke all to herself. She's not afraid to say it out loud and is ready to take extreme measures.

Sybil lost her husband, became a poor widow and left everything behind just to start a new life, and she's not about to let a hag take away the little that he has left! Nocturne for a Widow is a magnificent mix of gothic romance, comedy, thriller, mystery, and everything else in between. The fans of Victorian novels will most certainly appreciate the author's brisk writing, strong plot and exciting characters.

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