This is Sarah Moriarty's mesmerizing debut novel about a family that has been carrying its mistakes and scars along for several generations. Welcome to the Maine coastline: it's a beautiful place where folks are not burdened by the fast-paced routine of the city and enjoy the peace and serenity of nature. Four siblings decide to visit their shabby summer place to celebrate the 4th of July.

This is the first time they're all together during the summer without their mom and dad, and the house that once used to be the most favorite place for them on planet Earth has broken down to pieces. And when someone offers a great deal for the estate, the Willoughbys - two bruvs and two sis - have no other choice but to face the ghosts from the past and all of their issues that they thought would never come to the surface.

Will they be able to work out all their differences and fight their inner demons? It's now or never, and if they want to keep the strong bond between the four, the siblings will have to make certain sacrifices and get out of their comfort zones. North Haven talks about the true meaning behind family bonds and the hidden dangers that can shift allegiances and turn best friends into brutal enemies.

The inheritance is putting their relationship in jeopardy, and it's up to them to beat the temptations and say "No" to fear, greed and all the other human vices. Sarah Moriarty created a deep, powerful, poignant and emotional drama that allows you to change the perspective on your own life and learn a thing or two about the importance of being 100% honest with your siblings and doing what's right for the family.

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