not-dead-yet-by-phil-collinsIt's safe to say that Mr. Phil Collins is one of the most prominent figures in the history of music. He created more hits than you could ever count, and, as a person, he's always been a "straight shooter". As for Not Dead Yet, the long-awaited memoir, you'll find it very engrossing, engaging and revealing. The readers will learn the story of the artist's come up, his amazing debut at the young age of 11, and so much more!

Collins has been a drummer for his whole life, beating on those snares and toms even before he could walk properly. The future superstar spent the 60s in countless clubs and bars in London before he became the now-legendary member of Genesis. And, when Gabriel stopped being the lead singer, Collins took the microphone with a firm grip and started delivering huge hits that made him an international superstar.

This man has been shaping the music industry for decades, and jamming with Clapton and Plant, working with Bennett and writing smash hits for other artists is what he's used to. If you want to learn more about the man, the musician and the icon, make sure to grab a copy of Not Dead Yet at your local bookstore. Collins wrote an amazing memoir that comes with an awesome sense of humor, tons of never-heard-before stories about the band and the man himself and everything else in between.

Furthermore, the readers will learn about Phil's family, his wives, his divorces, his songs, sold-out shows, the fake tabloid articles, et cetera, et cetera. By the way, Collins is one of 3 musicians who sold 100 mil. records both in a band and as a solo act, but he's still a humble, caring, happy man who keeps doing God's work.

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