Connor Franta wasn't born famous, and he used to be just a regular kid from the American Midwest before he single-handedly conquered the Internet and turned himself into a global sensation. True, it wasn't easy to achieve such tremendous results, and the man had more than enough obstacles in his way, but in this book, he talks about all those difficulties and struggles with a smile on his face, with that trademark sense of humor, engaging narrative and a lot of insights that will be priceless for the big fans.

Why did the whole world fall in love with this young fella on YouTube? What was so special about him that made the young girls and boys go crazy? Note to Self will tell you everything you need to know and then some! It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and faith to pull this one off, as you don't just become a global superstar by posting average videos online.

You need to learn how to connect with and relate to your subscribers, how to make them like you and follow you on a daily basis. This is quite a personal and insightful book and shows the other side of Franta that even the most loyal fans don't know about: the author talks about his experiences as a kid, shares his intimate story of fighting with clinical depression, struggling with accepting who he is, finding his place in this world and deciding what to do with his life.

Yet, despite all those tough breaks, Connor is still a joyful, energetic, engaging person and he's very well capable of inspiring millions of followers around the world to do more and to be better. If you're one of those fans and would like to learn more about this extraordinary young man, grab a copy of Note to Self and dive into an exciting world full of hope, love, strength of will and happiness.

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