Olivia has just signed a handsome contract with Mr. Carlisle, the head honcho of an international multi-billion company. When the man first laid eyes on the gorgeous 22-year-old, he was lovestruck and wanted to have her. But, to his great surprise, she refused, which made him crave her even more. Now, this gentleman has never really considered being with one woman for more than one night, but there's something special about Olivia, something that makes him break his rules and make a compromise.

She's got a hold over him, and it's equally scary and exciting - for both of them. At the same time, you don't become a billionaire without having at least a couple of nasty skeletons in your closet, and the pain from his past comes back to haunt him in the present, putting his relationship with Olivia in jeopardy.

Will she stick with him through it all and help the guy fight his demons? Or is it just too much for a fragile young woman who dreams of stability and security? One day, the two leave the state and go to a regular work conference, and that's when his secrets come out and he pushes her away. Is she hurt? Yes, she is. Will she leave him and his company? Not really!

This might not be love from first sign for her, but there's more between them than just sexual tension, and Olivia is set on figuring out whether it's love or not. Only if they confront his shady past together will these two be able to build a happy future together. Willow Summers did a wonderful job with Now, Please, and wrote an equally heart-warming, heart-wrenching, sexy and naughty romantic/erotic novel that will be appreciated by the fans of gripping stories with a happy ending.

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