Joey has been enduring her abusive stepdad's hand for way too long, and she's been dreaming of finding a real man to take care of her and leaving with him to be free and happy. Back when she was still in high school, Percy, a handsome fella, moved next door, and she started to fantasize about him in all the naughty and dirty ways possible. A biker, a bad-ass playboy, and a man with insane amounts of charisma - no wonder the girl fell in love with him.

He was always respectful, kind, unbelievably smart and considered her a friend. Then, they became best friends, and the strong bond lasted even after Joey graduated. As time passed, her feelings towards Percy changed, but she decided to keep her feelings to herself and not share with him how she really felt, as that could put their friendship in jeopardy.

But, when tragedy shattered her entire world once, he came to her rescue, like the knight in a shining armor that she always knew he was. The man didn't want any credit for it and saw it as some sort of duty, something that he simply had to do. The girl saw that as a sign, a great opportunity to try her luck, so to speak.

Joey couldn't control herself anymore, but there were two obstacles on her way towards winning over the man she wanted: first of all, she was a virgin, and she wanted her first time to be special and with a guy who would stick around. And second, Percy was never a big fan of relationships and commitments. So, how on Earth was Joey supposed to get him? NUTS is a classic friends-to-lovers romantic novel with a great mix of sweetness and sexiness. HEA is guaranteed, so, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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