nutshell-by-ian-mcewanIan McEwan, a world-acclaimed author, has a few mighty bestsellers behind his back, and Nutshell, his latest novel, is simply astonishing. Trudy, the main character of the book, has betrayed her husband. She's still living in the family house - a townhouse in London that's falling apart - but her husband is not there with her. He's a poet, and he's involved with a young student. However, his brother is with Trudy - they're sleeping together - and they’re working on a plan to turn their lives around.

They think that there's no witness to their crime, but there actually is one: Trudy's carrying a child - she's 9 months pregnant. Nutshell is a marvelous crime novel that manages to combine all the classical elements of the genre with the author's own perspective. Ian McEwan is one of the greatest storytellers out there, and his brand-new book will grab your attention from the very first page and won't let go until you finish it.

There are countless tales of murder and betrayal, but you'll get a unique experience with Nutshell. It's a gripping, thrilling, suspenseful story that's got much more depth than you would expect from a regular crime novel. It's smart, charming, captivating and pretty funny. The writing is lean, mean and engrossing.

Furthermore, what makes the novel unique is that it's told from the point of view of an unborn child, and that allows the author to put his amazing writing skills to great use. The critics are calling it one of the greatest books of the year, so, make sure to grab your copy at your local bookstore (or online) and enjoy a new masterpiece from the accomplished craftsman! By the way, Mr. Ian McEwan wrote as much as 16 bestselling books and won numerous prestigious international awards.

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