For many centuries, the ConFed has been the most influential, powerful and far-reaching force in the Universe. It's the cosmic "umbrella" that protects numerous planets and trillions of different species, keeping peace and balance intact.

True, it's not ideal, and it comes with corruption and injustice, but it's the best thing that its creators could come up with, and the majority of the population accepts it as a better option compared to the chaos and destruction that would devastate the Universe if ConFed wasn't there to control everything. Rumors have been circling around about the downfall of the system ever since Burke, the one and only human among other species, had been in space. He never really gave them much thought, but now it's a real possibility.

They say that someone has found a way to destroy it without facing the military force that's standing in front of it. So, now it's time for Burke to decide once and for all which side he wants to be on and what that would mean for himself and his species. An intergalactic war is coming, and it's up to folks like him to shape the future of every single living breathing creature in Cosmos. If ConFed is no more, chaos will follow, and countless innocents will die.

But its destruction might open up a possibility for a better future. On the other hand, if Burke swallows his pride and forgets about those silly dreams of saving the quadrant, he'll do everything in his power to protect the system that he personally despises. He can't let his personal feelings and wishes cloud his judgment, as that would lead to catastrophic results. Omega Force is a brilliantly-written sci-fi novel, a space opera, if you will. It comes with an engrossing plot, a fine line-up of characters and an epic finale.

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