On-The-Clock-By-Tim-EnochsTim Enochs created a moving, touching and thought-provoking story about a man, his son, and their struggles in life. They were born for greatness, and that's exactly what Peter and Adam are going for. If you love uplifting and motivational novels about the most important things in this world and the never-ending bonds between a dad and his youngster, then grab a copy of On The Clock and follow them to victory!

We all gotta find what really matters to us and focus all of our energy on getting it. These guys worked their way through countless obstacles and stood by each other on every step of the way. As far as behind-the-scenes looks into the world of NFL and country music go, this book is your perfect guide. Adam became a sensation out on the field, but he could never achieve those fantastic results without his father's support.

The man is a country star and he devoted his whole life to making sure his son got everything he could ever need. They both have passions and nothing can stop them on their journey towards their dreams. When we truly love something and have people that support us, God himself guides us through life. Adam's whole world got flipped upside down when he lost someone very close to him and had to deal with his father's arrest - they claimed he had something to do with a gruesome murder.

So, how does a man prevail in such a situation and still become one of the greatest ones to ever play football? Read On the Clock and you'll find out! This is a page-turner, one that you simply can't miss! Love, loss, tragedy, ups and downs – you’ll find it all in this book. Ever been down? Wanna learn how to get back up? Let Tim Enochs teach you!

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