All Quentin can think about is pushing the girl against the wall and showing her what it means to be with a real man. But there's one tiny problem with that wonderful plan: Charlotte is an intern at his company, and they've got strict rules about messing around with the employees. He's a single father, so, the last thing the guy needs right now is a scandal.

And that is why he's doing everything in his power not to think about her, but it proves to be harder than he could ever imagine. However, that's not even the half of it: Quentin thought that he would be "safe" from her at home, but, when he meets her in the elevator of the building where he lives, he instantly realizes that there's no hiding from her now!

So now it's simply impossible for him to stay away from Charlotte, as she looks like the sexiest woman in that serious suit, and that smile makes him go crazy (and hard) in a matter of seconds. Yes, it's wrong to have any kind of a relationship with a person that works with and/or for you, but why would he ever go ahead and introduce the no-fraternizing policy that's blocking every desire in his body?

Quentin can't keep the "beast" inside of him tamed anymore, and, even though he's been Mr. Good Guy for as long as humanly possible, it's time to show her who he really is. F*ck policies and regulations: Charlotte is in for a real treat, and now it's up to her to decide whether she wants to report on the guy or become his biggest fan. One Hot Daddy is sexy, sweet, funny and well-written. This is a fine-as-hell standalone erotic novel that will get you turned on from the very first pages.

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