One-Hot-Scot-By-Donna-AlamErotic romance is one of the most popular genres in women's fiction, and it's got only one purpose: to turn the ladies on and to give them a good time. Donna Alam's brand-new sexy, naughty and all-out bawdy novel, One Hot Scot, is one of the best releases of the year. Fin, the main character of the story, is dealing with all kinds of tiny and not-so-much problems.

She's got no man by her side, no job, miraculously avoided time in prison, and now she's forced to once again live in the place that she's always been disgusted with. And that's when he walks in - her big, tall, muscular and smirky 100th problem. Rory is a rich playboy, a 100% alpha-male that says what he thinks and does what he pleases. He's ripped, good-looking, and enjoys that fast kind of life. Plus, he doesn't seem to remember Fin - at all.

Yes, the guy is a mighty blast from the past, and the girl is kinda offended by his negligence. Or maybe he does remember her but is just trying to play it cool? After all, they did have a fling back in the day. Regardless, when they meet again, she uses a different name, so, it's all good. Last time, he took her virginity. This time around, he might just end up taking her heart. Or breaking it - whichever way goes.

Fin has tons of problems on her plate, and a wealthy playa is not really the type of man that can bring balance and order to her chaotic life. But hey - does a girl like Fin really need a boring man to get her life straight? What if Rory is exactly the guy to lift up her spirits and give her something more than just an ordinary, routine life? One Hot Scot comes with a smart, funny, engaging story and great chemistry between the main characters.

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