Chris, the main character of this riveting mystery thriller, looks like the most amazing guy in the world. The man's applying for the government teacher position and is even willing to be the new coach. He's got just the perfect references and is equally charming and skilled. However, every little thing about this man is a lie. Susan, a single mother, is very proud of her one and only child - her son Raz.

He's a pitcher at school and is showing exceptional results, which is exactly why they've recruited the boy for a mighty scholarship to a prestigious college. That's like a dream come true for them both, and now Raz has a promising future in "big-time" baseball. At the same time, the guy's dad passed away recently, making him super-vulnerable.

Susan is not trying to make him feel uncomfortable or anything; so, she's not introducing him to any new father figures, as it might just break him. Heather is also a single mom with a gifted son who is in love with the game of baseball. But Jordan, her son, is a bit shy and clumsy, and his mother is worried sick that his friends might just take him down the wrong path.

Mindy is the wife of a famous surgeon and finds excitement in all kinds of fancy social events and spends the days and nights drinking gin, tequila and everything in between. She has no idea that her family is keeping a huge secret from her. And Chris, the new teacher, is somehow connected to all of these people. But how, exactly? Who is he really, and what does he want with these people? One Perfect Lie is an engrossing, suspenseful, mysterious and page-turning psychological thriller that you won't be able to put down.

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