one-thousand-white-women-by-jim-fergusThe Journals of May Dodd is the fascinating story of a wonderful group of pioneer ladies who traveled to the western regions of the United States back in 1875 to intermarry with the local Indians. This was a project of the official government and was intended to bring the American people closer together. The program was called "Brides for Indians" and received a lot of criticism for its controversial agenda.

But, at its core, it was a pretty bold and brilliant attempt at helping the Indians to get a better understanding of the world that the white folks had built. Ulysses S. Grant himself approved this program. So, May, while a part of a "team", embark on an exciting journey that would forever change the American history. Jim Fergus did a wonderful job of creating a vivid, believable world of the United States back in the post-Civil war years.

Now, despite the fact that it's a work of fiction, One Thousand White Women is partially based on real events. Back in 1854, the Indians came to Grant with an offensive proposition: they wanted to take 1000 white women and give 1000 horses. Obviously, the United States refused the offer, but Mr. Fergus "re-wrote" history, and in his book, the Americans accepted the offer and gave the program a go.

The book is truly outstanding, and you'll have a wonderful experience with it - guaranteed. It's captivating, charming, lively and brisk. It almost seems like the author had a real experience in the 1800+ because his alternative world feels so real. Besides, the story is heart-wrenching, breath-taking and gripping, which means it's a 100% must-have!

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