Only-One-You-By-Tia-LewisDawson had a huge crush on the most amazing girl at school growing up. He never really cared about anyone as much as he cared about her - Amanda. She was his first love, his true love. But, she got away. It was partially his "fault", as he told her to leave the shabby townlet - their hometown - and follow her big, mighty dreams.

The city was calling her, true, but the simple fact is - Dawson pushed her away, hoping that he would get over her soon and move on with his life. But, that didn't happen. He tried to convince himself that all those feelings he had for her were long gone, but you can't trick your heart, now can you? Dawson went on and became a NAVY Seal, one of the best operatives in the whole world, and, after service his country with honor and dignity, he returned to the one and only place that he loved the most.

Yet, he could never even think that Amanda would be back there too. He's been through war, saw Hell out there, but even the harshest experiences couldn't help him handle that overwhelming set of emotions that consumed him after he learned she's coming back. It's been a while, to say the least, but his feelings for Amanda are stronger than ever before.

So now, after being away for eternity, Dawson is confident that he can win her back. And this time around, he'll NEVER let her go. This girl has his heart and his soul, and, until they're together again, he won't be able to breathe. Only One You is a fascinating second-chance romantic novel with thrilling sex scenes, a heart-warming and heart-wrenching story and great characters. Again, it comes with some pretty hot and smutty content; so, keep your kids away from this book!

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