Nic has been doing great with the SWAT team, taking down bad guys and keeping the neighborhoods safe. He really enjoys his bachelor status and hangs around with women without commitments. The man is big, masculine, and it's never been a problem for him to get a girl he likes. However, the day he entered a lovely bakery and saw her - Gabi - his whole life flipped upside down.

Her smile, her unbelievably beautiful and curvy body stunned him, and her cooking was pretty awesome. Now, he comes from a Greek family - a traditional one - and when his mom found out that the girl her son was interested in has Italian roots, she made it her mission, her duty to prove to the poor lassie that she's a far better cook.

True, that's nothing a SWAT soldier can't handle, but when he discovers that Gabi has spent the last 6 years trying to run away and hide from a past she never wants to come back to, that makes the job of making her his woman that much more difficult. Nic is telling her that he can protect her entire family, but she just keeps running away. The man is confident - they are made for each other and is ready to go through the family feud and the danger that follows Gabi on every step of the way.

Her past is threatening their relationship, and now it's up to the valiant knight to sweep the girl off her feet, defeat her enemies and show her once and for all that she'll be safe and sound next to him. It’s not going to be easy, but a woman like Gabi is well worth the effort. Only With Me is a hot, sexy, exciting and hilarious romantic/erotic novel that will lift up your spirit and allow you to relax after a difficult day.

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