Open-Season-By-C.-J.-BoxThe Joe Pickett series includes as much as 16 (!) novels, and the fans are always happy to grab the latest chapter in this blood-chilling franchise. C. J. Box manages to introduce something fresh and exciting in every single book, and that's exactly why Pickett is constantly topping all kinds of international charts. Open Season is the very 1st chapter in the franchise.

Joe is the brand-new warden in a small rural town where all men like to do is hunt and kill the prey. And a guy like him, an honest, strict warden who never takes bribes, is not particularly loved or respected. So, when he stumbles across a hunting outfitter dead just outside of his house, he thinks that it has everything to do with him and his "policies". The man was lying breathless in his woodpile, and that can't be a coincidence.

Soon, they discover 2 new bodies, and, despite the fact that those cases are solved, Pickett still can't shake the feeling that someone is trying to send him a message. Therefore, he keeps going with the investigation, refusing to believe the routine explanation that the local cops are giving. He digs deeper and deeper, and his quest takes him into all kinds of dark places.

The detective finds out that the poor fellow brought an endangered species to the townlet, and it's now enjoying life in Joe's woodpile. Now, if the media learns that a species like that exists, it would destroy IW, a mighty American company that wants to build a pipeline through Twelve Sleep. It's up to Joe to take care of this mess and make the moguls pay. But, the closer he gets to the truth, the further he strays away from everything he loves and cares about.

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