Life is not always bright and beautiful: it's known to be quite brutal and harsh. However, it's always up to us to decide how to react to the shock and pain that we get to endure on every step of the way. This book is full of motivation, inspiration and real-world wisdom that will be of great help to all those folks who are struggling with believing in themselves and moving forward.

Sheryl Sandberg, the author of this bestseller, knows first-hand what real pain feels like: after she lost her dear husband, the woman was sure that pure happiness will never come knocking at her door anymore, and that neither she, nor her kids would ever be able to truly leave the past behind and move towards a bright, beautiful future.

Sheryl had this huge void, this scary emptiness that consumed her heart, mind, and soul, preventing her from breathing normally and thinking about anything else but her loss and grief. Thankfully, Adam, her good friend, was there to lend her that helping hand: he told Sheryl that while it's extremely hard to get back on your feet after a tragedy like that, there are some tried-and-true, concrete steps that she needs to take if she wants to recover from it.

Resilience is not something we are born with - it's a skill that needs to be mastered. Option B includes all of Mr. Grant's revolutionary research and a step-by-step guide, as well as Sheryl's deeply personal experience with the program that helped her rebound from the excruciating pain of losing the man she loved. The bottom line is - if you're experiencing something similar and want nothing more but to move forward, this book will be of great help to you.

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