Originals is like a breath of fresh air for all the striving business folks that want to conquer the world with their new ideas and defy the ordinary groupthink routine. The bottom line is - if you wanna change your own perception of the world and read one of the biggest game-changing books in your life, grab a copy at your local bookstore/online. It's insightful, uplifting and motivational.

Adam Grant is known as one of the greatest thought leaders of our time. He's provocative, maybe even a bit scandalous, but his method works and he can and does confront the centuries-old system that doesn't really "click" anymore unless you have huge budgets and a mighty backing. If you want to do something great with your life and need folks to follow your lead, you'll have to be an original person with unique, exciting ideas to ignite the fire in each and every one around you.

Making the world a better place and creating an empire along the way is not an easy task, so, make sure you know what you're up against and what it will take for you to conquer the globe. New ideas, new directions, new values and new executions - that's exactly what you or anybody else will need on their way towards greatness. Thinking outside the box and fighting outdated traditions is what allowed Adam Grant to turn into a leading thinker.

In Originals, you'll learn how to figure out whether an idea is worth betting on or not, how to let everybody hear your voice, build a strong team of passionate dreamers, find the exact right time to "attack" and handle doubt, stress, and fear. The book comes with multiple inspiring and insightful stories from the best of the best in the biz that tell us one thing: don't go with the flock - find your own way.

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