orphan-8-by-kim-van-alkemadeAlkemade delivers a mind-blowing historical novel that's partially based on real-world events. This is a stunning, ground-breaking tale of a lady who has to make a choice: go with mercy or revenge as she confronts the crazy doc who did all kinds of medical experiments on her in NY many years ago. Back in '19, Rachel was a joyful 4-year-old girl, living with her fam in a noisy tenement in The City Of Dreams.

However, tragedy came looking for her, and they separated her from Samuel, her bro, by sending her to an orphanage for Jewish kids where she first met Doctor Solomon. The countless X-Ray experiments left the poor child mutilated and the rest of the orphans kept making fun of her and harassing her. A decade later, when Rachel turned 15, she managed to break free and run away.

She went to Colorado, hoping she would be able to find Sam, the brother she thought she'd never see again and to meet the relatives she never even thought she had in the first place. Soon, she became a nurse in New York, and, despite the fact that she thought all her memories from the early days were forever locked in the past, it all came back to her when one of her patients turned out to be the old, weak, sick doctor from the orphanage.

The girl could never expect something like that to happen, and now she's consumed with wanted to make her pay for all the wrong things she did. But, as she spends more and more time with this terrible person, she becomes less and less convinced that killing her would be the best course of action. Orphan #8 is a powerful, emotional and affecting book about the choices we make and the people we become when we make them. Kim van Alkemade's novel is atmospheric, historically-correct and thought-provoking.

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