other-worlds-than-these-by-john-joseph-adamsJohn Joseph Adams asks us all a question: wouldn't it be great if we could not only go to any place on planet Earth, but also to any possible/impossible universe? It truly would! Now, we can only imagine traveling to other worlds and dimensions, and there's no telling exactly what we'll experience over there. Will these new, uncharted Earths be full of magic, spells, and wonderful creatures, or maybe they'll look and feel almost exactly like ours?

The greatest fiction and fantasy novels give us a chance to "travel" to these worlds and to at least get a picture in our heads of how it all could work in the reality. We all know and love The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the rest of the fantasy classics, however, we never got the chance to enjoy all these magnificent stories in one single book - well, until now!

Other Worlds Than These is a mighty collection of all the legendary parallel worlds and sagas about teleportation to other universes, so, if you've got friends/family who are big fans of the genre, this volume will be the most amazing gift you could ever give them! In total, there are as much as 30 game-changing novels in the book, and every single one of them is simply fantastic.

You've got George R.R. Martin, Ursula Le Guin, and other fantasy icons coming forward with their greatest work to date. At the end of the day, if you're been looking for the ultimate collection of fantasy classics with "a ribbon on it", Other Worlds Than These would be a wise pick, because, again - every story is unique, insightful, ground-breaking and genre-defining. Nothing more, nothing less.

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