Shvonne Latrice is a big pro when it comes to urban romance and has more than a few bestselling novels in her resume. She's known for writing moving, touching, and riveting stories. Waayil and Yikayla have been BFFs since childhood - nothing more. However, one night, they both came forward and confessed their true feelings towards each other, thus changing their friendship and taking the relationship to a whole another level.

The future seemed to be brighter than ever, but a terrifying crime broke them apart - forever, as they thought. How can you fix your love after something like that happens? The two were confident that their relationship could never be truly rekindled and decided to go down different roads. But fate gave them a second chance to be together.

The question is - are they ready to leave the lives they've been living since the break-up behind in order to get back to each other? It's been a while since they last saw each other, and there's no telling whether the mutual attraction and love are still there. The pain and frustration were too strong for them to forget about; what if they're better off as just friends with no romantic involvement?

Yikayla can't go on without true love, and she's ready to put everything on the line for a chance to be with the man of her dreams again. But what if he hurts her even more? Will she be able to get over it this time around? It's too risky, and if the second chance proves to be a disaster, she might never be able to trust another man ever again. Our Love is the Realest is a wonderful urban romance slash drama about real love and what the characters are willing to do for it.

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