our-revolution-by-bernie-sandersIf you've been following up on the latest Presidential race in the United State of A, then you most certainly do know Mr. Bernie Sanders, one of the brightest candidates out there. When he first announced that he will be running for president, the media, and the establishment thought that it was a "for the hell of it" kind of a thing, nothing to take into consideration.

At the end of the day, he was just a senator from a tiny state with little to no "celebrity status". His self-run campaign had no backing by the banksters, no proper organization, and not even enough money at some point, and, to top all of that, he was going against the Democrats and pretty much everything that they believed in. But, when the race "heated up", it became clear that this calm, and humble man had more steam than anybody could have ever thought.

He had one of the most successful campaigns in the country's history and got more than 13 million votes. He won 22 states, and he talked to about 1.5 million people in his public meetings with the nation. However, that wasn't his biggest win: Bernie's huge achievement was in showing that the US citizens were sick and tired of the corrupt establishment and that they were ready to fight against the corporate bosses and the elusive 1%.

Our Revolution is a collection of the man's personal thoughts, hopes, experiences, and propositions. The readers will get access to the "backstage" of his campaign and learn about the tiniest details that made this run a success. He's all about revolution and bringing control back to the people, and he's got a strong social, economic, racial and justice agenda that will make life in the States safer, cheaper, and happier.

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