outside-the-lines-by-emily-goodwinEmily Goodwin, a bestselling author of romantic comedy novels, is known for her kind, heart-warming, breath-taking stories that are funny, smart and inspiring. Felicity, the main character of Outside the Lines, is not like the other girls in town, and she used to get really hurt when folks called her a nerd, a loser and other bad names.

But, no more - she's a confident young woman now who loves herself just the way she is and doesn't want to look or act the way everybody else wants her to. She loves video games and science fiction, and there's nothing wrong with that. And, she believes that one day a great guy will come around and steal her heart. How about a tall, great-looking man who bumps into her at a coffee shop and asks her out?

His name is Ben, and he's like the perfect guy for Felicity. He's got it all: he's handsome, his body is hot and he's got an awesome job. At first, the girl can't really believe that a guy like that would like her or even fall in love with her. But that's exactly what happens. She starts imagining all kinds of crazy things, like maybe he's a stalker, a psycho, or something like that?

Still, she can't deny the fact that she's drawn to him and can't stop thinking about him. So, Felicity finally gets herself together and goes out on a date with him - the perfect guy who happened to run into her, spill her drink and steal her heart. Is this the beginning of a wonderful romance, or is Felicity getting herself into something that she'll regret for the rest of her life? Outside the Lines is a sexy, riveting, exciting novel for all the fans of romantic comedies.

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