Ellie has been craving to get down and dirty with Mr. Roberts for a while now - since the man first walked into the company the girl works for. He's one of their most important clients, and she's been doing a great job of staying away from him for the sake of the company. But not anymore: temptation has finally caught up to her, and she's unable to resist the attraction.

Men like Kayne don't come around very often, which means she's gotta have him as long as he's available. So, Ellie works up the courage to invite him to one of the turbulent get-togethers that her company is known for. The head honcho really loves throwing these crazy parties, and she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally get what she wants.

However, she could never expect the man in the perfect suit and with a perfect smile to have skeletons in the closet and a secret life that he's been desperately trying to keep from the rest of the world. He's got dark, twisted desires, and she's about to learn first-hand what those desires are. Eventually, when they fall for each other and let the spark between them turn into an all-consuming fire, Ellie agrees to leave her job and be with the guy she's been dreaming of.

Yes, she drops everything and follows him into the unknown. Did she know that saying "Yes" to his offer would mean walking into a secret world of BDSM - subs, masters and pleasures beyond her wildest imaginations? Of course not! But, that doesn't mean she won't like it...Owned is a dark, naughty and dirty erotic novel that comes with super-intense sex scenes and some of that pleasing abuse. If you love that kind of stuff, grab a copy and enjoy!

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