Whenever he looks into those beautiful eyes of hers, it feels like the whole world stops. He can't do anything about it, and neither can she. The mutual attraction is too strong to resist, and those dark eyes are the only thing he's capable of thinking about. Those soft, kissable lips and gorgeous body only add to the perfect picture.

She drives him crazy and makes the guy fantasize about ripping her clothes off and taking her right there and right then, without giving much thought to the people sitting in the restaurant. Bryce has been through a lot and has tons of experience with the ladies, but Kennedy is one of those girls that you simply can't get out of your head. She's an innocent girl, an honest, sweet little thing that's simply begging for him to put his big, masculine arms all over her and to treat her like a real man.

And he's used to having steaming-hot one-night-stands with the ladies - that's his thing, a part of his alpha-male attitude. But things are different with her. He wants Kennedy all to himself, and he wants her all the time. Forever and ever? Why not?! She needs his help - his money, to be exact - and he's more than willing to give it to her. But it's gonna cost her. He paid for the night, and she belongs to him.

But who says that one night is enough? Owned by the Billionaire is a sizzling-hot and unapologetically naughty bad-boy billionaire romance with one of the best sex scenes in the genre and quite a thrilling plot. If you're a fan of erotic novels, Kira Blakely's brand-new bestsellers will be right up your alley. Grab a copy at your local bookstore and dive into a world of passion and love!

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