Joseph is a cold, unrelenting, unforgiving fella with a harsh life behind his back. Over the years, he's seen some horrifying things, done some terrifying things himself and has been through all kinds of heart-wrenching experiences that could make or break a man. His past is haunting him constantly, and he's got nothing to look forward to in the future.

There’s no way to pay for his sins and to get back to the righteous road. He's a desperate man, and there's nothing in the world that could lift him up - both mentally and spiritually. However, one day, when he sees Lilly, a dashing young lady walking through the big-bad Club, something changes deep inside of him, almost like the ice starts to melt. His cold heart starts to beat faster than ever, making Joseph do all kinds of crazy things.

Lilly has a killer body, big, amazing eyes, and a riveting attitude. He wants to make her his flower - the slave and the lover. She's sweet, innocent and pure, and that sexy combination drives him nuts. Never before has he ever wanted to have a woman quite like he wants her right now. True, she does bring out all the dark parts of him, but the fact is - she likes 'em all and wants to "feed" on them.

Lilly has something broken inside her as well, and this insane relationship might be the cure for them both. On the other hand, she could never imagine how intense their "deal" would be when she was signing that contract. Well, there’s no going back from this now – Joseph and Lilly are stuck with each other, for good and for worse. Owned is a full-length dark erotic novel with a dominant alpha-male, a thrilling young dame and a lot of sizzling-hot BDSM scenes.

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