Ozone-Journal-By-Peter-BalakianOzone Journal is a brand-new ground-breaking poetry book by Peter Balakian, a deeply personal, bold collection of 54 short poems. It's a set of the author's memories about examining the remains of the victims of the century-old Armenian genocide in Syria with a team of researchers. It all happened back in 2009, but Mr. Balakian needed 6 full years to deliver this masterpiece.

In Ozone Journal he shares his own thoughts and feelings on other memories as well, including those of his failed marriage, his struggles as a single dad in the world's greatest city - New-York (Manhattan, to be exact), the pain of watching his cousin die while not being able to do anything about it, and more. At first, it might seem like those are just a bunch of separate, individual memories, but when you turn that last page, you'll feel like you just read a cohesive, brilliant memoir that would be the perfect script for the next Oscar-winning movie.

Ozone Journal feels like a journey into the past, a trip down memory lane that makes you laugh, cry, inspires you and gives hope for a greater future. Balakian talks about his marvelous experience in Nairobi, American villages in New Mexico, Syria, Manhattan, and his fast-paced, sensual and simply brilliant poems remind us once again that we can't forget our history because that would mean forgetting who we are and where we come from.

At the same time, the author talks about the beauty, splendor of culture and the fact that love conquers all. With Ozone Journal, Balakian did something that nobody else does these days - he described history in poetry and delivered a fascinating new experience for the readers.

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