Pack-Alpha-By-Crissy-SmithDo you love big, strong, irresistible men as much as Crissy Smith does? Well, if you do, then make sure to check out Pack Alpha, the latest page-turner from the bestselling author. This book comes with just the perfect mix of drama, love, and sex. Marissa, a regular modern-day girl, becomes a part of a scary new world that she never thought she could survive in. And there's a pack alpha, a wolf that always gets whatever he wants.

And right now the only thing that he truly wants is her - the innocent girl. She's a non-shifter, and that means only one thing: the Pack grounds are not for her to enter. Still, she builds up the courage and arrives at her sis's "matin' ceremony". That’s when she first meets Gage - a shifter who's destined to change everything she believes in and turn her life upside down.

The wolf knows that she's running away from a scary, terrifying past. He's an Alpha, which means he's got a responsibility: to protect his pack, no matter the cost. At the same time, Marissa is constantly challenging his authority, and that's something you don't come across very often. That brings the wolf out in him and the desire to take her is stronger than ever. She's trapped - Gage will have her as his mate - one way or the other.

Marissa thinks that they can never be together, but even she can't deny the mutual attraction. In this world, you gotta always sleep with one eye open and trust you mate. Otherwise, the scavengers will eat you alive. Pack Alpha is beautifully-written, comes with a suspenseful plot and amazing characters. It’s gripping, thrilling, and steaming-hot in all the right places!

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