Paid-For-Three-Times-By-Madison-FayeMia has just graduated from college and is ready to go out there, into the big, bright world. However, one fine day, when she agrees to go out on a date with a sketchy fella, she gets kidnapped and put on a stage for auction! And a second later she's surrounded by wealthy men that only want one thing - to buy her and turn her into a modern-day slave.

Yes, it's a true nightmare, and Mia, a fragile, innocent girl, could never imagine herself being sold to three gorgeous men. Yet, that's exactly what happens. They are insanely rich, powerful, and always get whatever they want. As far as dominating alpha male go, these three are right there on top. They've got some pretty dark desires, and they've got the dough to pay for them. The fellas are dangerous, hazardous and want Mia to be their little maid, down on her knees and ready to do what they please.

Her new "masters" have locked her in a gorgeous mansion and are getting ready to have some fun. Along the way, something dark and dirty wakes up inside of her, something that she couldn't admit even to herself. So, slowly, but steadily, she starts to enjoy the company of these handsome men, turning into exactly what they want her to be.

Yes, it sounds bad in her head, but it feels so right in the real world! Is there something wrong with Mia, or is she just a brave young woman who can open up to and embrace every woman's deepest desires? Paid For Three Times is a pretty dark, steamy novel that features three alpha-males slash billionaire bad boys and a fascinating young woman to please them. This is an over-the-top, insanely hot and exciting erotic story by the lovely Madison Faye.

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