palm-trees-in-the-snow-by-luz-gabasThis is an epic love story and a riveting family drama. Luz Gabás created an emotional, powerful and engaging historical novel about secrets that have the potential to cause devastation and the ever-strong bonds that endure even through the toughest of times. Clarence, the main character of the story, finds a bunch of old letters from her dad's past, and they make her doubt everything about her wonderful family.

Her parents told her that her dad and his brother used to work in a colony in Africa. However, these letters tell an entirely different tale, and Clarence is confused - she doesn't know what to believe in, even though she's been convinced her whole life that she comes from a noble, kind, loving family.

There's no telling what really happened on the plantation and the girl can't figure out why no one from her relatives ever went back to the island. The letters give her a hint: there was a splendid love story that got buried under the weight of the years. Clarence lives in Spain and enjoys ever bit of it, but now she's determined to follow the "footsteps" of her father and uncle.

Yes, she embarks on a journey across the sea, hoping that this trip will give her all the answers she's looking for. But, she doesn't know what shocking secrets will be unlocked. The pain that her family had to constantly deal with in Africa was simply unbearable. So, maybe that's why they decided to never talk about it? Palm Trees in the Snow is a great historical novel about horrible family secrets, finding your truest self and confronting decades-old lies. Luz Gabás did a great job with this book!

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