pandoras-clock-by-john-j-nanceJohn J. Nance is famous for his mighty line-up of fast-paced, action-packed thrillers that get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. Pandora's Clock is exactly what you'd expect from the author - it's a gripping, suspenseful book that you can enjoy in one go. Helms, the main character of the novel, spots a man trying to get into his car on a snowy road somewhere in a German forest. He gets into a fight with the man and manages to escape with just a small cut on his hand.

A few hours later, he gets aboard a plane flying to NY. The pilot requests London to prepare for an emergency landing, and that's when a series of horrifying events starts to happen. The London officials deny permission to land, as Helms is now the carrier of a deadly, contagious virus that can destroy the entire population in a matter of days.

They can't land in Germany either, and the passengers of the plane are forced to "live" in the sky. So, they're stuck with a deadly virus that they know nothing about and the military folks are getting ready to shoot them down - they simply can't risk contamination. Pandora's Clock is a pulse-pounding, breath-taking thriller about a bunch of people who have to do everything in their power to fight the disease and find a way to land without being shot at.

Will the captain and his crew be able to stay alive and to stop the world from being wiped out, or are they on a one-way flight that you can't come back from? John J. Nance is a pro when it comes to mile-high blockbusters that keep you up all night, and Pandora's Clock is one of his greatest novels to date. It's suspenseful, full of tension and riveting.

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