paper-princess-by-erin-wattElla is a pragmatic person, a modern-day survivor of the jungle, so to speak. She's never been able to stay in one place and is always moving from one town to the other. The girl is struggling with the absence of money but still believes that one day she'll get out of the bottom and make a life for herself. Her mom has always been there right next to her, so, when she passes away, Ella is all alone.

However, when Mr. Royal comes out of nowhere and takes her to his gorgeous mansion, it seems like she's finally getting the life she wants. Well, not quite: the man has 5 sons, and they all hate her guts. Every single boy has something against her, and Reed, the most "vicious" one of them all, is determined to send her away - back to the gutter that she came from. He clearly doesn't want her to live in the same house and thinks that Ella is an outsider.

Now, even though she's been through a lot in this world, Ella doesn't know the first thing about wealth, deception, and the "higher society". But, if she wants to keep her place at the palace and become a vital member of the Royal family, she'll have to learn everything she can about this new reality. Paper Princess is a hot, funny, intense and beautifully written novel.

The main character is a strong, confident, sexy woman who will instantly win your standing ovations. This is a must-read for all those young adults who love contemporary romance/drama. Erin Watt will hook you up with a captivating plot, a couple of huge twists and a gritty, steamy and cocky atmosphere. Looking for that very special book that you won't be able to put down and/or forget? You just found it!

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