It's official: Mr. Ortiz is a legend of baseball, an inspiration to countless kids out there who want to be just like him, and one of the most popular and commercially successful fellas to ever play this beautiful game. They call him "Papi", and this is his awesome memoir that the fans will be happy to check out. He gave 14 professional years to the Boston Red Sox and helped the gents win not one, but three World Series.

This man single-handedly showed the world what it truly means to love what you do and give yourself fully to it. All the nonbelievers and the haters used to say that the Red Sox would never win a single championship, but, under the leadership of this gifted player, they proved them all wrong. Boston is where he belongs - it's where a part of his heart and soul rest.

And now that his astounding career is at the finish line, Papi is finally ready to share his own, personal story and open up about the last 20 years and what they meant for him both on and off the field. This is his book, his thoughts, and dilemmas, and you won't find any "politically correct" lines here. The man talks passionately about his unbelievable journey from a devastated hood in the Dominican Republic to America.

Ortiz spent some time in Arizona, had a couple of beefs with the shot-callers in the business and landed in Boston where his road towards greatness started. The Sox won the title in 2004 after they lost to the Yankees in 2003; the second and third titles were grabbed in 2007 and 2013. Ortiz is an icon in baseball, but, first of all, he's a marvelous human being who's not afraid to lead. Papi is a wonderful memoir by one of the G.O.A.T.s of baseball. If you're a fan of the game and of the player, buy this book and enjoy!

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