Parable-Of-The-Talents-By-Octavia-E.-ButlerIf you're a fan of dystopian masterpieces, make sure to check out Parable of the Talents, the latest bestseller from the lovely Octavia E. Butler. Lauren, the main character of this story, was just an 18-year-old teenage girl when her entire fam was murdered, and anarchists came to rule her tiny hometown in California. So, she escaped from all the horrors of war and headed towards the north, hoping to find rest and safety over there.

Soon, she created a tranquil, kind and peace-loving community based on her own beliefs - Acorn. The main idea of this religion is that God is change and that we all need to transform into something better if we want to survive and to prosper. Half-a-decade later, Lauren marries a nice guy, a doc, and together they welcome a baby girl into this world.

Acorn is doing great, and the people in the community are finally getting the life they've always wanted. However, outside the team's walls, the United States have turned into a nightmare. Jarret, a candidate for the presidency, tells the haggard folks that he'll bring the country back to the values of the golden age and that together they'll create a prosperous, strong America.

His followers walk around with black clothes and crosses, and their mission is to end tolerance in the US community towards religion and race. These lunatics are ready to use their big guns just to see their master's will done. The extremists use everything in their power to bring Acorn down to its knees, and Lauren, along with all the "tenants" of the group, must fight for their survival. Parable of the Talents is an engrossing fantasy novel with a great historical subtext and a gripping plot.

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