Paradeisia-By-B.-C.-CHASEThe Paradeisia trilogy includes 3 ground-breaking books in the genre of science fiction and paranormal-supernatural thrillers. Origin of Paradise is the very first installment in the series, so, this is your best chance to enjoy it from the beginning. A kid disappears from the womb into thin air, never leaving a single trace behind. An unknown mighty virus takes the lives of thousands of innocents folks within a couple of days.

Finally, a resort of enormous proportions is about to be open to the "customers". The world's elite, the 1%, the lucky few, are watching over, taking notes. B.C. CHASE created a breath-taking and page-turning bombshell that the critics are calling one of the best franchises of our time. You'll stay on your feet all night, devouring one page after the other, desperately trying to make it to the final chapter.

This is one hell of a ride, a gripping, thought-provoking journey into a scary-yet-believable world that could very well be ours. It's brilliantly written, suspenseful, blood-rushing and adrenaline-packed. As far as riveting, edge-of-your-seat bestsellers go, Paradeisia is right there among the very best. The plot is riveting, the characters are rich, multi-layered, and loveable.The series is unique, fresh, captivating and engaging.

It's safe to say that you'll fall in love with Paradeisia and want more from this incredible author. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll certainly appreciate the fascinating and terrifying story. Have you ever wondered that Darwin might be wrong, the physical world could not be real and that we have a 6th sense? Well, after reading this book, you will start asking yourself all those questions!

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