Paradise Lost by John Milton

John-Milton-Paradise-LostThere are not very many books which we can easily call "The greatest Classics of all times". Of course there a lot of good work written in high standards of literature. But sometimes you can find real gems among them. The Paradise Lost, written by John Milton shine brighter than many other stars of Classic literature. So what has the Paradise lost about? The main plot is an interpretation of the biblical story of mankind.

Milton's created a really epic work of fiction. He tells us in the smallest details about the falling of Eve and Adam. He also shows the war between Satan and Jesus, and how Adam lived after he was displaced from the heavens. Milton tells the history of the human race before Jesus and after people heard his words. Remember one important thing.

When Milton created this work he was completely blind. No matter of that, his Paradise Lost contains so many light and vivid images, that you feel very excited. With Shakespeare's plays, the Paradise Lost is the most important literary production of England.

The biblical story is gaining new dimensions, complex locations, and characters and leaves plenty of room for religious, philosophical and political interpretations. Although Milton was a very religious man, his main character is a Satan. And Satan is a really tragic and heroic character, a proud and charismatic. He is a rebel.

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